Rodrigo Peixoto (agent)

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Brazilian Portuguese translator

Rodrigo peixoto

I have determined, as a personal rule, only to work with books that are personally interesting to me, even if indirect. I believe this will make my sync with the work, and the professional who created it, greater and much more beneficial. I'm good at managing multitasking teams and I work well within a lean workforce. I like to manage people creating a team capable of managing the administration and the department with successful results. I aknowledge the importance of deadlines, targets and clear goals that I prefer to work with.

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The Miracles of the Way. It is the story of faith and overcoming, not only in the life of José Luz, but also in the life of his family.
A história de uma família através de várias gerações.
"Solano: The Adventures of a Pair of Shoes with One Name!" takes place in a universe very familiar to every modern child, the real world of his room in his own house.