Pi Bertilsson (translator)

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Pibe coaching och livsvägledning
I am a Swedish lover of words and coach in creative writing. Translation from English to Swedish.

Pi bertilsson Words, words, words... I can never get enough of them. My father said once that when we were children my sister and I, she was climbing trees while I was sitting on the ground writing a poetry about her climbing. My main profession is life coaching but I am also a coach and a teacher in creative writing, in meditation, mindfulness and in personal development. My curiosity always takes me out for interesting adventures and I never seem to lose my eager to study and learn new things. Nine years ago the same curiosity brought me to Scotland where I stayed for seven years and where I also gave Swedish lessons to Scottish people. My scene of writing is wide, deep and broad and I don't really want to limit myself. I have a childish and happy lovestory with fantasy and fairytales but I am as well happy writing both articles, non-fiction and books about self help and personal growth. At the moment I'm working on a course in alternative spirituality, herbal medicine and witchcraft which is now about 500 pages. Please get in touch if you are looking for a skilled translator from English to Swedish. I would love to be here for you and to work with your text.

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