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Nowadays a lot is said about student self-governance, or rather about the need for its development.

Olivia writer

And everyone is pursuing their own goals: the state - the development of the principles of democracy, the university - the training of competitive specialists. But it is not always clear why we, the students, need self-government. I will try to present some arguments in our favour.

Reason 1: Experience in organizational activities
It is no secret - the more experience in organizing, the easier it is to organize this or that case. It does not matter what it is: a super cool project or your own birthday party. You can get experience in organizing any business. However, I dare say that all student government activities and projects are organized at the university level, in full view of the administration of the university, which speaks to the seriousness of the experience gained. And this experience is useful to us not only in the organization of our personal time: many employers seize with arms and legs graduates who during their studies at the university were the leaders of the structures of student government. And it is all about experience in organizing.

Reason 2. Creative fulfillment
You can find something you like in the student government of Omsk State Pedagogical University. Choose among 5 centers:

informational (leader - Belousov Vladimir, 2nd year student of chemistry and biology faculty);
Cultural and leisure (supervised by Anna Lavrentieva, a second-year student of the Department of Special Pedagogy and Psychology);
Volunteer (supervised by Tatyana Boyakova, a second-year student of the Faculty of Physics);
scientific (supervisor - Irina Mashchenko, a 2nd year student of the Faculty of Special Pedagogy and Psychology);
Center "Navigator" on work with the first year (head - Streltsova Svetlana, a 3rd year student of the Department of Chemistry and Biology).
What each of them is engaged in, it is clear from the names. We have only to choose, in which area we are going to implement our abilities: by inventing a new way to convey information to students (experience shows that old methods don't always work) or organize a concert, or maybe we will work with orphans or conduct training sessions with first-year students?

Reason 3. Connections, connections, connections...
In life, he who has a wider circle of contacts and a richer experience of interaction in various situations with different people succeeds more. It's been proven. Working in student government, we communicate with many interesting people: students of other faculties, teachers, methodologists of the Center of Youth Policy and Professional Education, experts of various spheres, activists from other universities, representatives of public organizations... Here is not a complete list of possible business contacts, which will be very useful for us in our future employment.

Reason 4. Teamwork skills
Student government is a big and friendly team, where each person - like a note, like a color of the rainbow, like a part of the mosaic - takes his place and plays his role. The ability to work in a team is not given from birth, but is very necessary in life (both personal and professional). A person who knows how to work in a team always easily finds his place in the team, is able to understand and accept the common goal, and is willing to work for the good of the team cause.

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