Nerea Aguiar García (translator)


Proffesional translator, interpreter and sworn translator

Nerea aguiar garcía

a) Academic education:

· Bachelor's degree in Translation and Interpretation (University of Vigo, Spain).
· Master's degree in Multimedia Translation (University of Vigo, Spain).
· Sworn translation and interpretation qualification (Government body of Xunta de Galicia, Spain).

b) Languages: (Common European Framework of Reference for Language)

· Spanish: native.
· Galician: native.
· English: C1 level.
· French: C1 level.
· Italian: C1 level.
· Portuguese: C1 level.
· Catalan: B2 level.
· German: A1-A2 level.
· Chinese: A1 level.

c) Translation experience areas:

· Literature, media, economics, lingüistics, computing, arts...

d) Publications:

· Articles in the humanities and social science research magazine of Centro Ramón Piñeiro (Galicia, Spain).
· "Mongrels, a problemática dos referentes culturais derivada da tradución adaptada á dobraxe" ("Mongrels, the issue of cultural references derived from the translation adapted to dubbing") (University of Vigo, Spain).

Native language: Spanish
Translates from: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Other (Aragonese, Catalan, Galician)
Translates into: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Other (Galician)

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Main translator
Author review:
Excellent job!
Main translator
Main translator
Author review:
Nerea Aguiar García fez um trabalho fantástico ao traduzir "Wish You Were Here" para espanhol.