Miguel León (author)

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Miguel león

Hi, We're two focused professional, task-oriented, proactive, and quick in solving problems.We're thorough and conscious about the quality of our job, as well regarding the deadlines.

Fluent and high educated native Spanish, with nine novels published between the two of us.

For now, we offer proofreading services, professional beta reading and self-publishing support, and we want to complete our services with translation and publication in Spanish.

We specialize (and publish our own books) in fantasy and romance, and to a more modest scale in romance, sci-fi and noir.


Todo en la vida de Altaír, el poderoso hechicero de la corte del antiguo reino de Sevilla, se encuentra bajo su control. Sin embargo, una antigua leyenda, narrada por los labios de la nueva esclava del rey Al Mutamid, le obliga a embarcarse en la búsqueda
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