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Inspiring and entertaining books have to be shared and I would love to help making them accessible to a larger audience!

Melissa preßler

Three years ago, I received my bachelor’s degree in German language and linguistics and decided to turn my minor at the time into my major for my further studies. So, I am now in my last semester and working on my final thesis in a master program focussing on English linguistics. I quickly began to help my peers with their papers and have been asked many times to edit and correct texts in both, German and English, ever since. So far, I edited several essays, theses, treatments, radio plays and a novel. I also translated articles, short stories, pitch papers, and letters of application for work as well as for my friends' personal purposes. Literature presupposes a certain stylistic competence, therefore, I only feel comfortable offering translations from English into my first language German, for now. Since March 2020, I have been doing freelance work for a German audiobook publisher and I have become more and more excited about helping authors share their stories with a larger audience. A language barrier should not be the reason why a good book does not reach those who might be amazed by it. I am looking forward to work with authors, and I would love to make their work accessible for readers of my native language.

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