Mattia Di Meglio (translator)

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A phrase is a lot more than an array of words

Mattia di meglio

I'm a Computer Science student at Federico II, in Naples, Italy, I'm an italian mothertongue, but fluent also in English. 

I've translated subtitles for cartoon shows, amatorialy, for two years, from english to italian with text references and by ear and learnt there how to adapt from english to italian. I've always wanted to translate more complicated form of literature, for I'm very passionate about adapting forms from a language to another and what's behind the idea that it conveys

My personal interests range from technology to music (I've been playing guitar for eight years, now, in various bands). I also like sci-fi movies and books, even though I'm not an expert I enjoy them a lot. Also, as every decent and respectable italian I know how to cook, mostly for others. I like to collect Comics and Mangas of various genres and I've been starting to dig into Graphic novels, recently.

Hope to start working with you soon! Have a nice day

Native language: Italian
Translates from: English
Translates into: Italian

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