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Hello! I am Marion, I am French and I just love to translate books.

Marion marc

My name is Marion and I am 21. I am in my last year of degree, which is called Applied Foreign Languages. I study  translation in Spanish and English, and I am also learning Portuguese. I am actually studying in the faculty of Málaga in Spain as an Erasmus student.

I have always love languages, and I decided to specialize in translation. I am fond of reading and I soon knew that translating books would be a new passion.

I am curious, passionate and meticulous. I like organizing my time and work efficiently. I like to learn from people, from experiences, from books and researches.

I like to play with words, to spread a message in various languages and I am just fond of working as a translator. I would be more than happy to have the opportunity to translate your book!

Native language: French
Translates from: English, Spanish
Translates into: French

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