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Hi, my name is Marieta McGrath. I have a PhD in Molecular Biology. I love writing Afrikaans poetry and have won some major local poetry competitions. I speak Afrikaans, English and German as a foreign language.

Marieta mcgrath

I grew up in Namibia, where I did five years of German in high school. I lived in Germany for a year after school, where I did an advanced language course in German and in 2003, in South Africa, I obtained a certificate equivalent to the KDS (Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom) through the Goethe Institute, a language qualification allowing admission to German universities.

In 2016 I obtained a PhD in Molecular Biology from Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, South Africa.

In 2018 I started writing Afrikaans poetry and in 2019 I won or did well in four renowned, national writing competitions: a limerick-writing competition hosted by Litnet, where I came first, the oldest writing competition in the country hosted by the Bloemfontein Writers' Union, where I also came first, the Windhoek Woordfees, where I came second and the McGregor Poetry Competition, where I ended in the top ten. The links are below:

I post this as proof that of my language proficiency. I am really keen to do translation as I love semantics and the emotional weights of words. I plan to do a short, accredited course in translation through Stellenbosch University next year.

Native language: Afrikaans
Translates from: English, German, Afrikaans
Translates into: English, Afrikaans

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