Linda Huber (author)

I write psychological suspense novels and live in lovely Switzerland - I'm very keen to have some of my books out in French and German, and other European languages..

Linda huber

Linda Huber grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, but went to work in Switzerland for a year aged twenty-two, and has lived there ever since. Her day jobs have included working as a physiotherapist in hospitals and schools for handicapped children, and teaching English in a medieval castle. Not to mention several years being a full-time mum to two boys and a rescue dog.
Linda’s writing career began in the nineties, and since then she’s had over fifty short stories and articles published, as well as seven psychological suspense novels. Her books are set in the UK, in places she knows well – Cornwall (childhood holidays), The Isle of Arran (teenage summers), Yorkshire (visiting family), as well as Bedford and Manchester (visiting friends). Her latest project is a series of feel-good novellas written under her pen name, Melinda Huber.
After two trade published novels she turned to self-publishing, and released her two most successful books to date, The Attic Room and Chosen Child. Both won All Stars bonuses on Amazon, and Chosen Child was placed in the Amazon Prime Reading selection this spring. In total, she has three self-published books available for translation, and expects to regain rights to her first two novels in 2018.

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A disappearance. A death. A betrayal. All she'd wanted was a child to love...
A father's secret. A mother's lie. A family mystery.