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Lilia madrigal león

To whom it may concern

With a cordial greeting, I am writing to you in the most attentive manner in order to explain the reasons why I have decided to apply for this job position.

All started during my high school studies, a time when I discovered my predilection for languages, what I put into practice perfecting English and entering my undergraduate studies; It was until the last semesters of the race that I entered Linguistics via field work.

My greatest experience lies in Translation (Spanish-English), a field which I have developed academically, by taking several strategies courses to translate or from the online learning platform of the British Consul FutureLearn; and professionally, by contributing with a publishing house Freelance, by collaborating as a Technical translation assistant and as a practitioner in the Medical and Literary area, as well as learning to use the Wordfast Pro translation memory.

I have also participated in Sociolinguistic Projects, familiarizing me with the formation of the oral corpus , which involves the design, recording, conducting surveys or semi-directed interviews, as well as the transcription of audio based on brands and Linguistic-Textual labels, using the F4 Program for such transcripts.

I am aware that sometimes the oral imposes itself on writing, which forces us to question the grammatical rules or the theories that come from sociolinguistics and translation, but also to promote an extensive search to coexist and argue. These lines of research are what I want to develop throughout my profession.

I have gained experience working with multicultural groups, developing a solid team spirit towards a collective success. I believe in a process of endless self-learning, and I am excited to contribute in the generation of knowledge for future trends of Translation.

Understanding that the axis of any business is directed to the investigation, as a native speaker of Spanish, having a degree in Hispanic Literature and Linguistics, and graduated from the University of Guadalajara, I have not only the disposition and the skills required, but I immediately intend to continue with the task I found in daily communication: approaching to the most human side of the language.

Yours sincerely,


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