Leonel Santos Pereira (translator)

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Sharing new experiencies with people who don't speak english.

Leonel santos pereira

Today, Brazil has a great book consumer market, one of the biggest of the world. For a long time, however, we didn't received much content translated into our language. The Expanded Universe of Star Wars, for exemple, is only being translatad nowadays, and most of it will never be seen in Brazilian Portuguese. This kind of thought made things difficult to those who didn’t have access to a second language.
I plan on changing this scenario. Having experience with the translation of videogames, comics and even books, but with no profit intended, I always try to bring the best content to those aroung me, looking for exciting new stories wainting to be told. Let me bring yours into our language!

Native language: Portuguese
Translates from: English
Translates into: Portuguese

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