Ken Pelham (author)

Ken Pelham is an award-winning author of mystery, suspense, thrillers, science fiction, and horror.

Ken pelham

Ken Pelham lives and writes in Maitland, Florida. His debut novel, the thriller Brigands Key, won first place in the Florida Writers Association's prestigious Royal Palm Literary Awards and was published in hardcover in 2012 by Cengage/Five Star Mystery. The ebook edition was released in 2013.

Brigands Key is "... a perfect storm of menace... breathtaking! The underwater scenes are marvelous and the portrait of the monstrous hurricane as it batters the key and surges over it is mightily gripping."

—The Florida Weekly

His Brigands Key prequel, Place of Fear, also a first place winner of the Royal Palm Literary Award, hit the electronic shelves as an ebook in 2013, and the wood shelves in softcover in 2014. Sales of Brigands Key are in the thousands.

More short stories by Ken Pelham, available for e-readers on

Tales of Old Brigands Key.  Three short stories about the sordid and unseemly past of little Brigands Key. Contains “The Light Keeper,” a finalist in the 2014 Royal Palm Literary Awards, and “The Wreck of the Edinburgh Kate,” 2nd-place winner of the Royal Palm for Published Short Story.

Treacherous Bastards: Stories of Suspense, Deceit, and Skullduggery.  A collection of three stories in the Hitchcock tradition, including one about the little island of Brigands Key.

A Double Shot of Fright: Two Stories of Horror.  Two chilling short stories guaranteed to cause loss of sleep.

Writers, both aspiring and experienced, will want to check out Out of Sight, Out of Mind: A Writer’s Guide to Mastering Viewpoint; and Great Danger: A Writer’s Guide to Building Suspense.

As co-founder of The Alvarium Experiment, a unique authors' collaboration, Ken most recently wrote and published the novella First World War, as part of the Alvarium's initial project, THE PROMETHEUS SAGA. Twelve award-winning authors simultaneously yet independently launched the SAGA on January 26, 2015. Amazon Vine reviewer Carol Kean enthusiastically awarded First World War five stars, saying, "What a premise...and what a story!"

Pelham is a member of International Thriller Writers and a frequent lecturer on the art and craft of writing. Visit Ken at for updates on his work, and musings on suspense fiction.

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