Judy Penz Sheluk (author)

Do yourself a favour and don't use Babelcube

Judy penz sheluk

Babelcube are dream stealers. Please do not let them steal your dreams!  Do NOT send me any translation requests. Babelcube owes me $10.69 since December 2022 (I am writing this in March 2024) and won't even respond to my emails. Writer Beware has warned that this company is not transparent and that they have had multiple complaints against them. Some writers contacted the FBI as Amazon payments were not reported. Check out the Babelcube Facebook page for more. Then run, don't walk, away from this company. I wish someone had warned me. RUN RUN RUN. Do NOT let them steal your time and your dreams.

PS it is interesting that I have not had a single reported sale since posting this bio. Not ONE. Which hurts the translators even more than it hurts me. Please, please do NOT give these people your words. 

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