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From Music to a Novel, Theatre or a Business Technical Manual, I love to translate from English to Spanish. Let me introduce your book to the Spanish Speaking Community.

Juan enrique sanchez

My name is Bruno Sangar (artistic). I am professional Singer, actor, MA in Theatre Directing. I have a BA in Marketing. And I Studie Musical Theahtre in NY at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy of NY and LA. I am a voting Member of the Latin Grammy.

About my work, I have been teaching music, theahtre and art since early age, I love to share experiences and knowdledge to young people. I began translating when I was in High School, My adaptaions have been performed and recorded by several artist for a big diveristy of Cultural Festivals around the globe. 

I feel more comfortable translating from english to spanish, because I am form México, even though I have translated and adapted texts from spanish to english. 

Let me work on your book, text, or manual to bring those words and thoughts to the spanish speaking community. I am excited to work with you !!

Native language: Spanish
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Translates into: Spanish

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A great work and a very responsible translator. My strongest recommendations.

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