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My name is Josepha, I came as a missionary in the Ukraine and volanteer in translating sunday material from English in Dutch and Ukrainian>Russian languages!

Josepha van den brink

My name is Josepha Butsko van den Brink. I was born in Leiden in Holland.Grow up half of my life there,till my parents moved to a other town called Hattem in Holland. I have worked in an Nurse home in the kitchen as well in a deaf instituut. Love to help other people. Making my own presents. Love sports,chroching and knitting,making things with my hands. In Church I am singing, do kids church and translating,hospitality and cleaning. I am married and with my husband we have two children. This year we will be 20 years together. We live in the Ukraine. In a little town called Berehovo . Who is famous about it's mineralwater swimmingpool. People are comming here to rest.

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