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As Dutch as they come! Then again...


Hi there! 

I am Jorrit. From the Netherlands, but a world traveler. I have worked, lived, traveled and learned in many different countries. I speak Dutch, English, Spanish and Italian. The beauty about these languages I speak, is that I have learned them in the counties where they are spoken. I am big on that, and I believe that when you learn the culture of a county, only then can you step up towards speaking a language on a native level.

I have worked as a translator for about 3 years now for a game called Trivia Crack. I have always finished my deadline with these guys, and have never heard a bad word from them. If you wish to hear it from themselves, I can give you their contact details. They will sound like friends, and that is because we have become friends over the years. I scratched their backs, now it is time for them to return the favour! By telling the truth ofcourse!

I hope I have provided you with enough intel to keep you interested in speaking with me personally! And if not now, maybe in the future.

Good luck, and kind regards,


Native language: Dutch
Translates from: English, Spanish, Italian
Translates into: English, Spanish, Dutch

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