John Henry "Doc" Holliday (author)

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A story teller who put the stories to pencil

John henry "doc" holliday

I began my writing career at age 60 as a way of expressing stories that roiled in my mind. putting them to paper just recently so that others can hopefully enjoy reading my words as much as I enjoyed creating them. A writer bares his soul in his work, exposing their inner being for the world to see. Each word holds a key, each sentence reveals the puzzle, each chapter divulges his hopes, dreams and desires. He lives through his characters and dies at "The End".

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Colt Coleman’s life had turbulent times and many challenges. Until he met Layla Malone and his world would never be the same.
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Bo “Didley” Hart and his side-kick Phredrica J. Fox along with their new detective, Indigo Jones, take on their third case as Private Investigators.