Jack Remick (author)

I write novels, poetry, essays.

Jack remick

My work includes twenty novels, short story collections, poetry, and essays. My novel Gabriela and The Widow was a finalist for the Montaigne Medal. My collection of essays--What Do I Know? Wisdom Essays is coming in September 2021 from Sidekick Press. I work with other writers three days a week using the techniques I and my co-author Robert J. Ray devised--How To Make Good Writing Better. We co-wrote The Weekend Novelist Writes a Mystery.

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A mechanic with Jesus issues, a mysterious black woman on the run, a dying gambler all locked in a neo-noir struggle for love and money.
Maxine and Berle are on the run with a half million dollars of Charlie's money and a shrunken head in a box. Charlie wants his money back, he wants the head in the box and he wants Berle dead.
Berkeley, the Cathedral of Learning, in 1971, a time of political upheaval, hallucinogenic drugs, abundant sex, and down-and-dirty rock and roll
In San Francisco, a run-away car thief searches for meaning as a poet
Trio of Lost Souls is a story about two men who do together what neither of them can do alone; it is a three layered love story with political icing.
Valley Boy is the story of every kid who wandered out of the Valley into Baghdad by the Bay with dreams, imagination, curiosity and a mind that admitted stuff besides cars and girls.