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Languages are my life. I love fantasy novels and thrillers and try to share my love of both reading and languages with others.

Isolde lekens

PLEASE bear with me as I am finishing other translations as well as teaching. As soon as I have finished the last one I am working on, I will be able to get in touch.

I was born in Belgium, studied languages since primary school, incl. French, German, English, Dutch and Modern Greek. My diploma says Masters in Interpreting Dutch, English and Modern Greek, but I have been more of a language teacher in my professional life than an interpreter although I have done both.  While I have had many different roles, I have never given up translating in one way or another. I am currently working with a lovely lady, translating her blog and newsletters into English.

I live with my husband and daughters in Kent, England, and I love living here. The whole island has a special kind of atmosphere for those who want to open themselves up to it, and there are many legends and ghost stories that I thoroughly enjoy reading about.  I read an awful lot, every day before bed, because I find it calms my mind and gets rid of the daily worries that might keep you awake. I always have, ever since I learnt.

Next to languages and reading, I love being creative in many different ways. I love crafts, bit new and old, and I enjoy breathing life into my creations. The world needs creativity, it is a good way for all of us to get in touch with our inner selves and let go, and I believe it works wonders for our mental health, something so many of us struggle with.

My two eldest are on the autistisc spectrum, as they call it these days. It has not always been easy for them, or us as parents, and it still can be troublesome, but it also makes my girls the wonderful people that they are, with big hearts, and sometimes more understanding and tolerance for other people than the rest of us. I wouldn`t change them for the world. I would change the world for them, step by step, as well as for everyone else on the spectrum, so they can be accepted as they are, to be different, not less, to shine in their own creative way in a world where there is too much darkness already.  Big dream? Perhaps, but not impossible.

When I translate I do my best to keep the author`s style intact, even if it is very different from my own. After all, it is their story, and was meant to be told their way. Working on it together where possible is a delight, as I have found with the Blog I am currently translating. Enjoying the work can only make one more productive, and the joy of translating is a little like solving a puzzle. 

That`s why I joined this website, because I love what I do, and if I can do it for books that I love, then that is even better.

Native language: Dutch
Translates from: English, German, Dutch
Translates into: English, Dutch

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Isolde did a great job and was very easy to work with.