Giulia Lobascio (translator)

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It will be a pleasure to work with you. I will bring the best output!

Giulia lobascio

Dear Sir/Madame,

I'm Giulia Lobascio an Italian translator. 

I completed 5 years at hight school specialising in modern languages (English and Frech) and I obtained the DELF B2 French certificate and I have a degree in Cultures Of Modern Languages and Tourism.

My knowledge of Italian is rich and through: I'm a native Italian speaker and I have been studying in Italy since I was a child.                                                                                                     Although proficient in both Engligh and French, I translate only in my mother language to guarantee the best quality translations.

My experience is backed in a solid education in the Tourism field but I can translate a multitude of topics and I can proofread Italian texts as well.

I aim to provide high-quality, grammatically and semantically correct translations while keeping the style natural to native readers. I offer high quality, precise, comprhensible translations and I respect terminology.

I take pride in putting my best effort into every translation I work on and I'm constantly challange myself to improve and do better in each task. I deliver on time and strive to ensure that my clients are throughly satisfied with the services I provide. I like taking care of every single aspect of my work. I can fully guarantee my complete dedication, responsibility and professionalism.



Native language: Italian
Translates from: English, French
Translates into: Italian

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