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Specialist in English translation into the Portuguese language, Graduate School on English Translator

Francisco borges

My name is José Francisco Borges Filho, but you call me Francisco. I live in Brazil. For 20 years I have been on the path of discovering new cultures through languages. I started with the Japanese language, later, I Graduated with a BA degree in Languages - English and Portuguese. Then I finished Kumon English Language Course. After that, I am going to have a Graduate School on English Translator in January next Year. This school is giving me a very comprehensive immersion in translation and its social and psychological aspects. I have learned so many things and I do not understand why in Brazil and in other places around the world there are no Colleges for this area which is much vaster than simply translating a text. I can tell you one thing: My focus is totally on translations and proofread, both literary and technical books as well as comics. I am currently teaching Japanese and English languages on the weekends. 
I have proficiency in Japanese language N3 JLPT. I am preparing to take the N2 JLPT test next Year. I have already translated informally for people who are in college and needs to do the undergraduate thesis as well as for web pages. I love this job! Lately I have translated some fanzines for friends as comic books and Manga".   I like all the subjects, but what attracts me too much are the tales of horror and Japanese culture. But with every book I read in English, I always seek to research the context of that story and what it has to do with the reality because I learned in my postgraduate course on the importance and the mistakes that informal translators commit. We all make mistakes, but I believe that the more we study and love what we do the less mistakes will happen.  I am a quiet person and I love doing my work at dawn so that there are no mistakes. Since then, I thank you all for trusting me and for reading this presentation. I hope everyone can grow culturally every day and that one day that job will be recognized as the profession of lawyer, doctor, teachers, etc. My intention is to work as a translator in both literary and comic books. I translate more from the English language into the Portuguese language. I have a roll of knowledge about the diverse cultures around the world. This is due to the fact that I enjoy many things at the same time during my life. So I've been going from martial arts to painting pictures. Knowledge that helps me a lot in my translations and in my life as well.

Native language: Portuguese
Translates from: English, Japanese
Translates into: Portuguese

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