Dr. King (author)

I am a non fiction author writing mostly in the area of Yoga, Meditation, Philosophy. For the past 10 years, I have been publishing on amazon and most other platforms. I have e-books, Paperback, Hardcover as well as Audiobooks in English.

Dr. king

Dr.King is an avid writer in the nonfictional category. In the past 3 decades he has written several books in the areas of philosophy, Yoga, religious practices, sculpture, gardening, and so on. His books often blend scientific outlook with traditional faiths and practices. His books especially in the area of ancient philosophy succinctly showcase volumes of ancient literature in a condensed form, providing very authentic and unbiased portrayal.

These books are generally characterized as thought provoking, giving an incisive look at the otherwise difficult to understand topics. One can expect to find reliable information, devoid of glorification and hype that is typical in this category.

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This short set of questions and answers clears some of the misconceptions about Yoga by drawing attention to original works on Yoga dating back to 200 B.C