David T. Wolf (author)

My ads have helped sell billions of dollars in household goods. So my 5-star novel has plenty of upside potential.

David t. wolf

As an advertising copywriter, my TV, radio and print ads amused, beguiled and enticed millions of people and helped sell billions of dollars-worth of goods and services, winning numerous awards along the way. My first published novel, Mindclone, is a near-future look at the consequences of brain uploading. Mindclone explores what happens when a science writer meets his digital twin and discovers they’re both in love with the same woman, the brilliant cellist Molly Schaeffer. But how does a digital entity experience love? He can’t even experience pizza. His one compensation: a powerful digital brain. At Molly’s urging, he applies it to unearthing terrorist plots, schoolyard mayhem, congressional malfeasance and Wall Street chicanery. However, his good deeds gain the attention of a power-mad military contractor who will stop at nothing—theft, kidnapping and worse—to control the technology. Without a body, how will Adam save himself – and the world – from a terrible fate? Mindclone has garnered mostly 5-star reviews, with such comments as: “A wild joyride to the Singularity!” “Can’t put this book down!” “Stimulating, convincing page-turner!” It's available in paperback, digital and an Audiobook. It is also available in Spanish and Chinese. A sequel is in the works, so stay tuned. Do-Over, a 5-star short story, asks the question, What if you woke up one morning and discovered that you were your preteen self, but with all your present memories intact? What if you had a chance to undo the many things you regretted? To act on those opportunities you missed? What tragedies would you act to prevent? Given the chance, what would you change about your life--and the world? Do-Over, both digital and Audiobook, is also available through Amazon. My thought-provoking short story, A Disturbance in the Church features an android who seeks to confess his sins and receive communion, much to the dismay of the foul-mouthed parish priest. The request leads to a conclave involving the inventor of the tchnology, a rabbi, two priests, a bishop, a cardinal and even the pope. My twisted crime novel, A Murder Foretold, is waiting in the wings. The logline: Charlie Novak never meant to fall in love. It was bound to affect his avocation as a serial killer.

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