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Hi. I've been living in France, Italy and the Nordic countries for almost 9 years now daily changing between the 4 languages I speak. My first language is Spanish.

Damian santibanez avalos


During last 9 years I've been studying in Europe, 2 years in France, 2 in Italy and now is my 4th year in Scandinavian countries. So i've learned and studied French, Italian and English to a deep and fluent level. And I keep constantly studing and getting better at them. (Therefore that usually friends when lose a word when formulating a sentence in a foreign language look at me for help)

in french I have a recognised B2 level, but all 4 languages have been part of my daily life for the past years.

O a more personal side, I love to read, and now that I've finished my studies, I live as a freelancer, and I get absort spending hours into reading in different languages or studying Finnish.

I would love to be the bridge between what you have expressed on your written and a good amount of people as well as getting to deeply navigate those universes.

Looking forward to work hard in translation.


Native language: Spanish
Translates from: English, Spanish, French, Italian
Translates into: English, Spanish, Italian

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