Cristina Ioana Ardelean (translator)

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Licennsed in Englis and french philology, MD in international relations, love languages.

Cristina ioana ardelean

During my career I have managed to overcome my own barriers, and to learn from every position and assignment I have been given, as I feel I am opened minded and any job can mean a new personal challenge.

With almost 10 years of experience in translations, I have had the opportunity to deal with texts from all walks of life ,user's manuals, to annual declarations and literary works. For this reason I strongly believe my qualifications will match your requirements. I have had the opportunity to function in a variety of educational settings making it easy to adapt to new situations and school/faculty concepts.


If you are interested in a dedicated professional with required credentials, patience, and positive attitude, please give me a call.

I can perfecly orginaze my time and my task in order to deliver translations on time, work efficently on my own and also as part of a team.

As a team member  I can provide:


 *Efficiency, reliability, accuracy

 *Maturity, honesty, ability to look at challenges as opportunities.



Cristina Ioana Ardelean

Native language: Romanian
Translates from: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian
Translates into: English, Spanish, French, Romanian

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