Clément Lepiller (translator)


French native speaker, I can translate your ebooks from English or Italian into French

Clément lepiller

I am a French native speaker, studying English and Italian. I am very interested in languages, especially the English one.

I spent my entire childhood in Cannes, on the French Riviera. Now I am in Corsica. So I talked and still talk a lot with tourists from all around the world ! And I loved this. I love learning, I love learning more about people, their country, their culture etc. I love discovering new things, and I love reading.


The reason why I translate things, is because I love doing this. I am happy doing this.

The reason why I offer you my translations, is because French is speaken and learnt all around the world. It is thousands of customers coming up thanks to that, just for you.

Native language: French
Translates from: English, French, Italian
Translates into: French

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Did a great job in a timely manner. Amazing!

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