Chrismi Loth (translator)

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Linguist and lover of stories and characters.

Chrismi loth

I'm a professional linguist by day and an avid reader by night (and every other available minute). One of my greatest pleasures is discovering an unusual or clever turn of phrase, which I’ll walk around repeating to myself for days. I’ll bring this same passionate devotion to your work, to your language choices. Language is, after all, such a powerful tool with which to create meaning and beauty. Refer for example to the exquisite poetry of Breyten Breytenbach and Shabbir Banoobhai.

My favourite genres are those that combine fantasy with reflections on the human condition. Like all readers with a vivid imagination, I adore “Lord of the Rings”, as well as “Song of Ice and Fire”. My favourite author, however, is Haruki Murakami. His writing has a beautiful musicality to it, so much so that his long-time translator, Jay Rubin, wrote a book about it (“Haruki Murakami and the Music of Words”).

While I acknowledge that translations don’t provide readers with the same experience as the original texts, I do think that great stories and characters should travel the world. If your books transport readers into a world of fantasy or absurdity, I just might be the translator for you.

In addition to fiction, I also love knowledge and to discover new facts and perspectives. If your books aim to inform or empower readers, I'd love to help you make it available to a wider audience.

I'm a new translator, with over a decade of editorial as well as proofreading experience. Check me out on my LinkedIn profile :)

Native language: Afrikaans
Translates from: English, Afrikaans
Translates into: English, Afrikaans

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