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I mainly write serials for a while. Luna was my first serial published in 2014 and is my best-selling serial to date. It has been republished as of 2019 and is now just a complete novel only. The IN THE DARK series is a close second, published in 2015. My books are mainly erotic romances so any translator must be okay with this.

My books are available on most eBook retailers and sell worldwide (albeit on a smaller scale so far compared to the US and UK). Almost all of them are now available in audiobook, and most are available in paperback.

I've been publishing books since Aug 2013. I have a constantly growing following on social media.

I currently have published these titles:

Surrender To You (Pierced Hearts, #1)
Stripped To You (Pierced Hearts, #2)

The Seduction of Luna

Sugar Baby Lies

Refuge (Evie, #1)
Revive (Evie, #2)

Loving My Angel

Hungry Heart

If I Had You

Forever His (In the Dark, #1)

Forever Yours (In the Dark, #2)

Forever Mine (In the Dark, #3)

To Break a Vow

Played: A Billionaire Romance

With One Last Kiss

All the Way (Unexpected Love, #1)

Bend the Rules (Unexpected Love, #2)

Love & Lies

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A mysterious past, an unpredictable future, and a last chance to make everything right, the conclusion to Luna's story will leave you guessing until the very end.
Luna only sleeps with men once. He's determined to make her his and only his, doing whatever it takes to make that happen. As they secretly wage war with one another, who will win?
Simone can't resist the mysterious man who wants her, and will do anything to keep her in his life forever.
Caroline is about to figure out the true meaning of love.
Darcy made an irreversible decision that tore them apart. Zach’s never forgotten the girl who changed his entire world. Will their future include a second chance at love?
She's never stopped loving Ryker. Angel's always been the one for him. Neither of them are ready for the fight of their lives.
Owen Chandler, a man with secrets, is intrigued by his new female bartender.
A lifetime of lies unravel for Owen. Ramona's life changes in unexpected ways.
Zee must remember who she is, and learn to deal with what life has handed her, as well as the consequences of the choices she's made.
Will Evie find love with a new man, or is her newfound beginning in the arms of the one she never should’ve let go?
(Part 3) Leighton Wright is the woman about to discover the true meaning of love in its many forms.
Leighton Wright is the woman about to discover the true meaning of love in its many forms.
Will Yvette's issues jeopardize her newfound relationship with Max — the one man she now doesn’t want to live without?
Second chance romance with a twist!
(Part 2) Leighton Wright is the woman about to discover the true meaning of love in its many forms.
A complex proposal… An inescapable passion… A connection that is more than it seems…