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Writing is my passion, translation is my lover.

Carina maria fernandes monteiro

I finished my degree in 2006 and I started to work as a private tutor at home and later got a part-time job as a Concert Hall assistant in CAE - Centro de Artes e Espetáculos in Figueira da Foz. I was also a Cashier, Cloakroom assistant and Promotional advertiser at the nightclub Discoteca O Pessidónio, which was a good experience mainly through the contact with the public in general. I then started my own business in Figueira with a rented room for private tuitions and continued in this area till nowadays. However, due to the economic crisis that arose in 2011 here in Portugal, the business fell sharply and I closed the room in 2013. In 2012, I worked as an administrative assistant at Soporcel, for half a month in a holidays substitution, gaining some experience in back office work and in 2013 I began working as an English teacher in Training Courses for Professional Education until nowadays. I have also been working as a Freelancer in the Translation area since I finished my degree. I started to do non-certificated translations and later I began to work in partnership with a Notary to do certificated translations. I am a very responsible, punctual, honest person and I am at ease to communicate with others. I love to work with ITs, special computers and I have a good knowledge of Windows and MS Office. I also have some knowledge of HTML and I have some experience in building pre-made websites. I have a good knowledge of Portuguese and I have a natural gift to write documents such as letters, press releases, minutes and so on.

I have a personal blog A Toca da Grila 2 and I love to write opinion articles. I also have a love theme based blog Unbeloved Heart, where I write about some life experiences. The taste for literacy has always been in my thought. I love to read and one of my main aims is to write, namely stories for children, romance and erotic romance books. Presently I only write in Portuguese but I will be doing English in the near future.

Native language: Portuguese
Translates from: English, French
Translates into: Portuguese

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Carina Maria Fernandes Monteiro was patient, thorough, professional and delightful, even when the author butted in with foolish questions.
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