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German/English "hybrid" with a passion for both the German and British language and culture and their respective quirks. Fascinated by linguistics and multiculturalism.

Britta norris

A native German speaker, I have been a lover of books and language from a very young age.  Having moved to the UK in my late teens and meeting my now husband, I have been immersed in the British culture for nigh on 3 decades.  After 20-odd years in various administrative roles and later as a Teaching Assistant for Special Educational Needs in the UK, I decided to turn my passion for "my" two languages into a career. I am now qualified in CELTA as well as a trained Community Interpreter and hold a BA (Hons) Language Studies (First Class).  I am due to commence studying towards the MA in Translation in February 2021.

Still relatively new to freelance translation and interpretation as a career, I have nonetheless more than 25 years' experience of both, in personal as well as  professional settings. The combination of an English husband and a Gerrman family alone makes for ample translation and interpretation opportunities!

I adore cats, both mine as well as everyone else's, and love reading and audiobooks.  My 'new' favourite genre during lockdown has been Mystery/Suspense, but I enjoy a wide range of novels as well as non-fiction, in particular on psychology and mental health issues.

I am a meticulous proofreader with a keen interest in linguistics and what makes a language 'work'.  I am highly analytical and often read/listen to German translations of English originals (or vice versa) only to find myself contemplating whether the meaning intended by the orignal text comes across as perfectly as is possible.  There are so many nuances in meaning in what may - at first glance - seem to be a straightforward text!


I would love the opportunity to help you, the author, bring your book to life in another language; I may not have the creativity to think up worlds in the way you do, but I am certainly able to help you bring them to speakers of another language without your meaning getting 'Lost in Translation'. 

If you would like me to collaborate with you in bringing your writings to either an English- or German-speaking audience, I would love to hear from you! 

Best wishes,


Native language: German
Translates from: English, German
Translates into: English, German

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