Atzael Rea (translator)

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Atzael rea

Psychologist from Leon, Guanajuato with social-humanistic orientation in sciences.

i have worked for the University of Guanajuato as part of the PROPAS (self care and prevention of health program, spanish acronym) oriented to develop and improve the physical and mental health of the students in all the careers of the UG (Guanjauato University) trough their academic residence.
I have great knowledge in scientific methods, human behavior, history, anthropology, philosophy and arts.

Im well acquainted with foreign lenguages as english and japanese and all of their culture background, history, visuals, music and arts.

also my hobbies include cinematography, comic books and sci-fi themed videogames.


Native language: Spanish
Translates from: English, Spanish
Translates into: English, Spanish

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