Ana Karen Ramírez Trejo (translator)

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I love to read books, they can transport you to diferents worlds, the writers are wise wizards and translators are the link between the magic world and the real one, if you allow me, I´ll be your assistant into taking the magic into the real world

Ana karen ramírez trejo


If some one ask me what do I want to do in my life, I´ll answer "travel trough time and space" 
However, that is a little bit complicated, but not impossible from mi point of view, you´ll see:  if time travel has been invented in some point in the future, they can come back to this time (their past)  and being around as turists.
 Then they can go back to the future or maybe go beyond in the past... anyway, as they are here, in our present, we could say... time travel is possible.

So, you see, sounds crazy but it is possible...  while  I wait for a time traveler that invites me to go with him, or I create my own time machine, I read... a lot. 
I love to read. Stories of magic lands, fictionals worlds, tragic stories, stories of times gone, history... 
so that is me, if you wanted to know me, dreamer of impossible dreams.

 I love to read, and I enjoy to read the book in the original language but if it is not possible, I always appreciate a good translation as a taster enjoys a good wine. 

So, yes, I´m commited to be true to the original text from the book so the author can connect in the personal and deep level that he planned when he writed the book. 

I´m mexican, I have 3 dogs, and I love to read and translate
So, you know me now I hope we can work together (until I get my time machine)

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