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Alice maria mariotti

Ciao I'm Alice, I am an Italian native speaker with a passion for cultures, languages, music, travels and books of course! I work as a customer support agent for an American company and translator freelancer, which is my passion.

I love to translate feelings and emotions that the author wants to convey to the readers, adult or child in my language, Italian. I love to look for words in life, as well as in writing. I am a positive, enthusiastic and creative person.. driven by feelings and I firmly believe that books can change the world because they have changed mine since I was a child.

I want to convey professionalism and accuracy of details, but also passion. We will work together, we will discuss every project together and I want that every author will be more than satisfied with my work.

I'm looking forward to translating your book!

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Great translator, communicative, a pleasure to work with. You will want another editor (or yourself) to go through the manuscript after and check for punctuation.