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22 Lions Bookstore & Publishing House is an award-winning independent vanity publisher based in the United States.

We are affiliated with Apple Books, Google Play, Alibris, Aerio, Hummingbird and Lightning Source, and we distribute to more than 70,000 retailers, schools and libraries from around the world.

Our mission is to publish original books that can change the way readers see the world by improving their analytical capacities and providing unique experiences. Our books are enlightening and filled with inspirational perspectives.

After many years seeing our titles ranking as successful bestsellers in multiple platforms, we established 22 Lions in order to better promote our writers, build fresh audiences for their work, and establish a literary niche of followers against the mainstream.

Since then, 22 Lions has quickly built a reputation as an innovative publisher committed to promoting talented, original, provocative and intriguing authors who often go on to integrate best selling lists in various platforms.

Our purpose has always been to change the way people think and improve the quality of their lives. We continue to fulfill these values. We have been awarded...

Leading Advocates for Inspirational Nonfiction Books - USA by the CV Magazine Corporate Excellence Awards 2018;
Best Digital Bookstore & Publishing Company By the 2017 Entertainment Awards.

We have also been trusted for the set dressing of popular TV shows, such as...

Gracie & Frankie
Discovery of Witches

If you wish to publish your book with a company that has established value and trust inside the publishing industry, contact us today.

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The main idea for the production of this book appeared after I realized how the beliefs of other people were constantly making me lose money and delaying my life in what regards reaching my goals, even leading me to fail in businesses I had just started.
The consciousness of the soul manifests itself in several planes of reality interconnected with each other.
This book goes beyond what is commonly known to explain all the dynamics involved in the world and in our interactions with others.
You will be able to acquire virtues with the information provided here.
Many of our problems in life arise from difficulty in deciding or for the fear of making the wrong decision. Despite this, the experience of making mistakes and the constant fear of making mistakes do not allow improving our ability to make good decisions