Wylder Bride by Amey Zeigler

The wrong man wrote the right letters.

Wylder bride

Maisie Brinley rejected every bachelor in the Boston elite put forth by her social-climbing mother. Then Mother issues an ultimatum to marry a family friend—but he's twice Maisie's age. After corresponding with a stranger whose letters connect with her heart, Maisie crosses the continent for his love. When they meet, will he live up to her expectations, or will her escape be in vain?

Living in Wylder, Wyoming Territory—where men outnumber women ten to one—gunsmith Cyrus Haddock hides his disfigured face to avoid romantic rejection. Out of pity, he helps a friend woo a woman through letter writing. But his success backfires when Cyrus falls in love with the Easterner's words. When they meet, will Cyrus hide his feelings or confess his love?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / American

Language: English

Keywords: Historical romance, western

Word Count: 55,000

Sales info:

Wylder Bride hit 1,400 in the UK Kindle store this month.

Sample text:

Chapter 1

Boston, 1879


Maisie Brinley refused to descend the stairs for dinner. Her mother invited the stuffy, self-absorbed, yet wealthy, Ralph Pope to dine tonight. They hadn't invited him to discuss the politics of moving to the gold standard, either. No, this dinner party would end in a marriage proposal. 

Perhaps he would arrive tonight on his newly acquired bicycle all the way from the financial district, rebuilt nearly seven years ago after the fire of 1872. When she last saw him at the Boston Common earlier in the spring, he looked so silly balanced upon the two-wheeled contraption.





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Excellent and fast!

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