Writing Your First Romance by Susan Palmquist

A Mini Guide

Are you thinking about writing a romance novel but not sure where to start? Maybe

Writing your first romance


Are you thinking about writing a romance novel but not sure where to start? Maybe you’re not even sure romance is your genre. Or maybe you’ve written the first draft of your romance story but need some insider tips to make it perfect?


Whether you’re a first time writer or someone that just needs some more instruction, Writing Your First Romance Novel, is a step by step guide that leads you through all the important elements.


In this e-book you’ll find tips on-


Finding the right romance sub-genre for you

How to plot your story

Creating memorable characters

How to tell if the right characters are telling your story

How to control the pacing of your story

How to write top-notch dialogue every time you write

How to submit your finished manuscript


This how to guide is a quick and easy read for every aspiring romance writer.


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This book is quick and easy to read and is an evergreen topic. Lots of writers around the world want to write a romance novel and are looking for ways to get started which I feel this book offers.

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This chapter’s focus is something I consider to be the most important element of a story and that’s the characters that live the ups and downs, the conflicts, the falling in love…everything you throw at them.

Think about a book you enjoyed so much that you were sad when it came to end of the story. How about the book you still remember even months or years after you read it? What made it so wonderful? Was it the plot, or did a character or characters hold your interest?

Without knowing your answer I’m going to say almost every one of you will pick character. We might remember the wonderful plots that kept us captivated, but a book that stays with us, sometimes all our lives, is usually one that made us fall in love with the people telling us their stories. Even with a strong and perfect plot, a story without characters that the reader can identify with, and live vicariously through, can fall flat.

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