Writing The Continuing Series by Susan Palmquist

Learn How to Write a Continuing Series

Writing the continuing series

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to write a continuing series, such as Harry Potter or the Hunger Games? Maybe you’ve created a character whose story will take more than one book to tell. Whether you’re in the exploration stages of planning a series or already working on story one, this book will take you step by step and show you what it takes to create a continuing series that will have readers longing for the release of your next story.


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I wrote this book back in 2016 and have taught a class on the topic since then. It remains one of the most popular and I think it would have appeal to a wider audience and the reason I think it would sell well translated into more languages so it could reach more writers.

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Throughout the chapters, I’m going to tell you how I work on my various series as I think it’s the best way to show you the process. I learned quickly what works and what doesn’t so I hope you don’t mind me continually mentioning my series. I can honestly say it’s not to promote them, but I think showing you by actual example is the best way to teach something and it’s the perfect way to lessen your learning curve.

Let’s start to plan your series…

When you sit down to plan the storyline, take a sheet of paper or use a Word document or your favorite writing software and write down your basic idea for your series-

Think of this as your tagline should anyone ask you what your series is about.

For example, outcast detective goes to live on an island.

Next write down the words book one, book two, book three etc.

Once you’ve done that write down as much as you already know about each of the books you plan to write within your series.

For example-

Book One

Introduce the reader to the main character, Harry Smith.

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