Wild Irish Soul by Tricia O'Malley

The Mystic Cove Series Book 3

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Tricia O'Malley, comes a romance series set on the rocky shores of Ireland.

Wild irish soul

Love was never her strong suit. 

Aislinn is used to living life on her terms. As an artist with an extra-sensory gift, she allows her moods, and those of the natural world, to inspire her paintings for her gallery set in small town Grace's Cove. Running her business as she pleases, Aislinn has danced around serious commitments her whole life. 

When Dr. Baird Delaney moves his psychiatry practice to town and stops by her shop to pick up some prints for his office, Aislinn's world tilts. Irresistibly drawn to his presence, yet convinced that the uptight doctor is a poor match for her free-flowing artistic soul, Aislinn is torn. Both Aislinn and Baird will have to suspend their beliefs as they tumble headfirst into a messy, unrepentant love that challenges both to accept each other unequivocally. 


The Mystic Cove Series:
Wild Irish Roots (a prequel novella)
Book 1: Wild Irish Heart
Book 2: Wild Irish Eyes
Book 3: Wild Irish Soul
Book 4: Wild Irish Rebel
Book 5: Wild Irish Roots: Margaret & Sean
Book 6: Wild Irish Witch
Book 7: Wild Irish Grace

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: Romance, Paranormal, Love, Heart, mystic, Irish Romance, Celtic, Psychic

Word Count: 58,000

Sales info:

60k units sold on Amazon alone since publication in November 2014

Sample text:

Chapter One

“Aislinn, wait!”

Aislinn swore under her breath as Baird yelled to her from the door of Gallagher's Pub. Pasting on a polite smile, she turned to face him.

Baird Delaney.

Tall, dark and yum is how Cait had described him and Aislinn couldn't agree more. Or maybe it was the wire-framed glasses that had sunk her. Baird had come into her shop earlier in the week to pick up some art for his new psychiatry office and Aislinn's world had shifted.

“Sorry, Baird, I didn't mean to duck out, but I've had a long week,” Aislinn said smoothly as she clenched her fingers around her purse. All of Baird's heat and glow seemed to pulse at her and it was almost like looking into the sun. Aislinn squinted and put her mental shields up, trying to act normal.

“Ash…sorry, can I call you that?” Baird stopped and asked politely, twisting Aislinn's heart even further.

“Sure, thanks for asking,” Aislinn said demurely and tried not to look directly at his smoky gray eyes fringed by the darkest lashes she'd ever seen. To keep her mind from the tight body packed into the black t-shirt he wore, Aislinn tried to place a name to the color of his eyes. Graphite? No, too dark. Slate? No, still too dark. Sleet.

“Ash? Hello?”

Startled from her thoughts, Aislinn blushed. And then wanted to kick herself for blushing. She never got like this.

“Sorry, what were you saying?”

A slow smile crept across Baird's face, almost as if he knew where her train of thought had gone.

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Already translated. Translated by Wélida Cristina de Souza Muniz
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Fantastic to work with, on time and a great finished product.
Already translated. Translated by Alejandra Martinez

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