Wild Irish Rebel by Tricia O'Malley

The Mystic Cove Series Book 4

From a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author comes a mystical romance set on Ireland’s rocky shore.

Wild irish rebel

A loner at heart...

Morgan McKenzie has been on her own since she ran away from a nightmarish foster home at the age of sixteen. Afraid to put down roots again only to be hurt once more, Morgan prefers to be constantly on the move. Until she is inexplicably pulled to the small Irish town of Grace's Cove. Before she knows it, Morgan is settling in and forming relationships for the first time in her life. Determined to keep her walls up to protect both her heart and the touch of magick she carries, Morgan fights against her growing attraction for the town's golden boy, Patrick Kearney.

Patrick can't keep his eyes off of Morgan. Since the moment he saw Morgan across the dance floor at Keelin's wedding, Patrick has been lost. Pulled in by her beauty and vulnerability, Patrick's frustration grows as his advances are continually rebuff.  As Morgan rebels against her feelings for Patrick, she is swept into a battle against her own worst demons. 

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: Romance, Paranormal, Love, Heart, mystic, Irish Romance, Celtic , Psychic

Word Count: 55,000

Sales info:

60k units since it's release in March 2015. (As of May 2019)

Sample text:

Chapter One

"Stop it!" Morgan McKenzie awoke on a screech, her throat burning as she clawed at her chest, gasping for air. The beginning of a panic attack burned in her stomach and she struggled to orientate herself.

"Oh no." Morgan jerked her head up and tried to focus her mind away from her panic attack and on the more pressing issue at hand.

That issue being the entire contents of her small studio apartment levitating around her.

Including her bed.

"Okay, just breathe, focus," Morgan ordered herself, desperately trying to lower the objects that hovered around her. She didn't own much in this world and what she did was precious to her. If Morgan shattered her lamp because of a recurring nightmare that she had it would take her at least a week's worth of work to pay for another.

Morgan breathed a small sigh of relief as her bedside table and lamp settled back onto the ground. However, lowering her bed without creating a loud thump for her neighbors below was another thing, and she counted to ten in her head to force herself to concentrate before she timidly lowered the bed gently back onto the ground.

"Oh, this just has to stop," Morgan muttered to herself as she shoved out of bed and walked to the small kitchenette tucked in the corner.

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Already translated. Translated by Wélida Cristina de Souza Muniz
Author review:
Fantastic to work with, on time and a great finished product.
Already translated. Translated by Alejandra Martinez

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