Who the Hell is Satan by Walter Parks

Meet the Real Satan.

Who the hell is satan

The Bible tells us that Satan was thrown out of heaven:

“And there was a war in heaven; …. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent called the Devil and Satan….” Revelation 12:7-9

The Bible tells us that Satan was thrown out of heaven and indeed he was.  We found the scientific proof.

We have collected stories of the devil coming to earth from numerous ancient accounts and we have gathered scientific evidence of his coming to earth.

 This book will let you know the real Satan.

Genre: RELIGION / Ancient

Language: Spanish

Keywords: satan, devil, evil, hate

Word Count: 250,

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Sample text:

Eliphaz (remember him from the Bible) knew more about the gods than any other holy man.  He had been watching them in the night skies all his life.  No wonder he was the first to see Satan thrown out of heaven.

Eliphaz was first taught about the gods by his father and he learned more about them each year as he studied them every night.  He knew that each of the gods, which we now know as planets, patrolled their own part of heaven (their orbits).  Every one of them maintained the prescribed order.

But Satan displeased the gods and they threw him out of heaven.

Eliphaz first saw Satan being hurled to earth when he, falling from the upper heavens, passed the great god Neptune.  He started spitting fire at Neptune.  Eliphaz could see the fire in the clear night sky.

That made Neptune mad.  He threw a large bolt of lighting at Satan.  It made him quit spitting fire, but he still glowed red hot in anger as he fell past Neptune.

Eliphaz watched all night.  Eventually Satan’s anger lessened and he didn’t glow so bright.  Finally he was too dim for Eliphaz to see him in the brightening morning sky.

Eliphaz wondered what he had done to make the gods throw him out of heaven.  He wondered what he would do when he landed on earth.

He better go tell the king that Satan was coming.

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