Who Needs a Duke by Amanda Mariel

Fated for a Rogue

In a world where duty clashes with desire, Lady Catherine and the dashing Duke of Bedford play a game of hearts and strategy.

Who needs a duke

Amidst Regency England's matchmaking frenzy, the charitable Lady Catherine Breckenridge and the charismatic Duke of Bedford enter a counterfeit romance, unraveling their convictions as they navigate the fine line between pretense and passion.

Lady Catherine Breckenridge has dedicated herself to charitable pursuits, shunning the allure of romance and marriage. Yet, her family has other plans. As Catherine edges toward her twenty-second year, her kin's determination for a timely union grows resolute. Unexpectedly, salvation arrives in the form of a well-known rogue, the Duke of Bedford.

Charles De Vere, the dashing Duke of Bedford, possesses both charm and fortune, entitling him as one of England's most eligible bachelors. Despite his unsavory reputation, he finds himself besieged by eager mothers and their marriageable daughters at every society gathering. However, this season, he unveils a masterful strategy.

When the Duke proposes a clandestine alliance to Lady Catherine, her pragmatic nature sees the wisdom in his scheme. While he may be a rogue, he's also a trusted confidant of her brother. Moreover, she remains steadfast in her conviction to resist any rogue's enchantments. Neither harbors matrimonial intentions, and their hearts bear no inclinations toward each other. Their plan appears impeccable—until fate casts an unexpected twist.

Indulge in a world of forbidden passions, strategic alliances, and a love that defies conventions.


Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Erotica / Traditional Victorian

Language: English

Keywords: Regency Historical Romance, regency romance, Regency duke, Regency bluestocking, historical romance regency, historical romance bluestocking, regency romance rogue

Word Count: 34195

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I am a USA Today Bestselling author. Who Needs a Duke is on preorder and is part of the Fated for a Rogue series. Preorders are strong and the series as a whole has consistent sales.

Sample text:

London, England



“This is going to be your season,” Olivia, the Duchess of Thorne, said as she slid one ivory stick from the spillikin pile on the table between them.

Lady Catherine Breckenridge forced a weak smile in response. “Elizabeth is the diamond,” Catherine said, then averted her gaze to the ivory sticks.

Catherine’s older sister Louisa had married last year. And though her younger sister Elizabeth was of an age, everyone’s focus turned to Catherine as the oldest unwed sister. A pity, as she did not wish to marry.

“You shine just as bright.” Olivia turned to her husband, William Duke of Thorne who was Catherine’s guardian and brother. He was engaged in a card game with their brother Tristen at a nearby table. “Tell her it is true, William.”

William turned his attention to Catherine as he tossed a card into the center of the table. “Indeed, and as you are nearing two and twenty, the time has come for you to choose a suitor.”

“Though I am quite certain Elizabeth will marry this season, too,” Olivia said, then gave Elizabeth a smile. “She was a grand success last year.”

“If you call rejecting five proposals a grand success,” Tristen said.

“Drat!” Elizabeth exclaimed as the spillikin stick she was attempting to pull out disturbed those around it. She released the stick, then peered at Tristen. “They were ill suited, as you well know.”

“The only thing I am aware of is that you, sister, are far too picky.”

“Would you have me marry a lord whose interest lays as much in my dowery as my person? Or a scoundrel who will spend his nights at the gaming tables instead of by my side? Perhaps I should have accepted the widower with five children?”

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