Whispers of Desire: A Medieval Castle Romance by Amanda Mariel

In the heart of medieval England, a lady and a mercenary forge a love stronger than steel, battling both their haunted pasts and a looming threat in Whispers of Desire: A Castle Romance.

Whispers of desire: a medieval castle romance

In the heart of medieval England, a lady and a mercenary forge a love stronger than steel, battling both their haunted pasts and a looming threat in Whispers of Desire: A Castle Romance.

Step into a world of medieval intrigue, where the legacy of Almerry Castle is forged through the fires of love and valor. In the heart of the lush earldom of Almerry, a tale of honor, bravery, and an unbreakable bond unfolds.

Lady Isabel of Almerry is a force to be reckoned with—tall, with long black hair and piercing green eyes, she has mastered the skills of a knight, forged in the flames of tragedy. The brutal murder of her mother shattered her trust, leaving her with a heart guarded by steel walls. But when her loyal lady-in-waiting, Clarisse, vanishes without a trace, Isabel's unwavering determination propels her into the treacherous unknown.

Enter Sir Ariston, a mercenary knight in the employ of Almerry whose past is etched in sorrow. Haunted by the merciless deaths of his parents and sister before his very eyes, he carries the weight of a heartrending past. The loss of his wife and newborn child only deepens his wounds, leaving him a solitary figure with pale hair and piercing blue eyes, seeking solace on the battlefield.

Fate weaves their destinies together when Ariston stumbles upon Isabel amidst the woods that surround Almerry. A chance encounter blossoms into an unbreakable connection, defying the barriers they've each erected around their hearts. As they embark on a perilous journey to rescue Clarisse, their partnership transforms into a love that transcends the scars of their pasts.

Setbacks and challenges test their resolve, but every trial only strengthens their bond. Romantic feelings emerge, igniting a flame that neither can deny. Yet, their quest for Clarisse reveals a sinister plot—an enemy's cunning ploy to weaken Almerry by luring its knights away. United by a common purpose, Isabel and Ariston raise an army, ready to face the looming threat.

Returning to the ancient walls of Almerry Castle, they stand side by side. As the clash of swords and the echoes of battle fill the air, love's enduring power merges with their unyielding courage. In this breathtaking medieval tale of knights and castles, Isabel and Ariston embody the spirit of Almerry, a realm where love, honor, and sacrifice converge to shape a destiny forged in the heart of history.

Immerse yourself in a breathtaking medieval romance that captures the essence of love, honor, and sacrifice with Whispers of Desire: A Castle Romance and embark on a journey where history and passion converge.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Medieval

Language: English

Keywords: Medieval romance, historical romance, medieval historical romance, historical romance medieval, adventure romance, medieval love story

Word Count: 33026

Sample text:

The Borders, England

The Year of Our Lord, 1234


Lady Isabel stood outside of Castle Almerry, staring up at its grand façade. Thick fog wrapped around her and clung to the castle walls like a protective shield. She shivered as the wind blew her cloak around her ankles.

She should not be out tonight, alone, but there was none other she could trust. Her lady-in-waiting and closest friend, Clarisse Whyte, disappeared three nights past. She feared someone within the castle’s walls bore responsibility for the lady’s absence. But when she took her concerns to her father, Earl Nathanial Staunton, he had ignored her. Father refused any help and brushed off Clarisse’s disappearance as if she had simply left without a word all of her own accord.

Isabel knew better. Clarisse had been her lady-in-waiting for years and had become Isabel’s best friend. The two of them were more like sisters, truly. She never would have abandoned Isabel without a by your leave. Someone had taken her, abducted her, and Isabel meant to rescue her.

Spinning on her heels, she set herself in motion, the fog and blackness of night providing cover for her escape. Rumor had it a seer lived near the River Tweed’s bank. She had heard tell if one found the thatched cottage and presented a gold piece, the seer would gladly provide her services. Isabel placed her hand inside the cloak’s pocket, wrapping her fingers around the gold pieces concealed within. With renewed confidence, she propelled herself into the forest.

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