When Ganges Met the North Sea by Prasenjeet Kumar

From Prasenjeet Kumar, the Amazon # 1 Best-selling Author, comes a romantic tale of how two lives, one from India and the other from Sweden, converge in London in the most unexpected and shocking of ways.

When ganges met the north sea

DELHI:  Meet Anuj Kaul, a twenty something college student.  Inspired by his Cousin Nisha Sharma’s love story, he longs to find his true love someday. But his romantic liaisons disappoint him so much that he vows never to fall in love again.

LONDON: Ella Akerson, a London Royal College of Music student and a brilliant violinist, is on the verge of dying. Her problem: She is her own worst enemy.

Anuj and Ella. Two souls like two rivers meet in London. Different origins. One destination—True ever-lasting love.

Will Anuj find true love?

And can love save Ella from the path of self-destruction she has herself embarked on?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Coming of Age

Language: English


Word Count: 55,000 words approx.

Sales info:

This is book is from the Amazon #1 Best-selling Author.

Sample text:


My life changed when I was twenty-three.

I had always wondered about this mysterious beast called—everlasting love. I wanted to experience it but never thought I would ever get to it.

Not in this lifetime, definitely.

I was so very wrong.

I think I now know what it is.

I still don’t know how to describe “it” except that it was pure, powerful and magical.

So what is this everlasting love?


As the name suggests, it is that kind of love that lingers on long after the lovers are gone (or dead). Love that is immortal. Like Romeo and Juliet.

Except—the lovers don’t die in this story.

What I know is this—call it love or whatever—it helped me save the life of a young girl who certainly didn’t deserve to die.

What can I tell you about her?

Funny things. She was scared of crossing roads. She loved the fragrance of roses and pine trees. She cared about orphans. Her music was so inspired that you could feel the gates to heaven opening up to let the notes in.

And she craved for undying love—just like me.

But no, this is NOT a “love conquers terminal illness” kind of story. My cousin can do better justice to any such story.

This girl wasn’t terminally ill. But she did need to be saved from herself.

Because she was herself her worst enemy.

She was too cautious to be a drug addict, too gentle to be a member of a criminal gang, too rational to follow any dangerous cult and just too boring to be possessed by a spirit.

Yet she was destined to die.


Then let me tell you this story from the very beginning…

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