Web of Eyes by Rhett C. Bruno & Jaime Castle

Buried Goddess Saga Book 1

A rotten thief. A disgraced knight. Only together can they save the kingdom.

Web of eyes

When the young king's soul is stolen by a cultist desperate to resurrect the Buried Goddess, exiled knight Torsten Unger makes it his sworn duty to get it back. He has one chance to restore his honor. But he can't do it alone. He'll need a thief.

Whitney Fierstown planned the perfect heist, one that would have made him a legend among thieves, until he got caught. Now, a knight with a questionable reputation is offering a deal: rot and die in a dank cell or join him on a dangerous expedition to put his skills to good use and earn his freedom.

Whitney and Torsten must put aside their differences and work together to battle unholy cults, demons, rebels, and worse to become the heroes their war-torn kingdom never expected...if they don't kill each other first.

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Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Epic

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Action & Adventure

Language: English

Keywords: Epic Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, magic, kingdom, war, pantheon, thief, knight, wizard

Word Count: 105,000

Sales info:

This series has sold 100k+ copies across all formats and reached the ranks shown below. It is also a #1 overall Audible bestseller on the audio edition.

Amazon Best Seller Lists Reached:
#1 in Myth & Legend
#1 in Arthurian Fantasy
#2 in Dark Fantasy
#3 in Sword & Sorcery
#4 in Epic Fantasy

Praise & Awards:

*Named a 2019 IPPY Award Bronze Medalist.
*Named a 2019 Readers Favorite Award Finalist in Fantasy. 

"Fantastic world building and masterful prose. Definitely a must-read for Epic Fantasy fans."--Brian D. Anderson, bestselling author of The Godling Chronicles

"An interesting and exciting start to a series. I'm looking forward to reading what the authors come up with next!"--Dakota Krout, author of the Divine Dungeon Series and winner of Audible Top 5 Fantasy of 2017.

"Bruno and Castle built an epic fantasy world that captivates the imagination and brings the reader on a thrilling adventure that will leave the devotees of fantasy eager for the next tale."--Jason Anspach, Bestselling author of the Galaxy's Edge Series 

"A plucky thief and a brave knight set out to undo an evil curse. What happens next doesn't disappoint. A great read!"--Michael G. Manning, Author of the Mageborn Series

Rich developed characters meet vivid descriptions and a twisted plot that keeps you turning the pages...an enthralling start to a promising Epic Fantasy Series!"--J.T. Williams, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Half-Elf Chronicles

"A gritty, dark fantasy disguised as a lighthearted epic... Creativity and twists were wielded as effectively as swords and daggers. The diverse cast of characters are perfectly imperfect, which made them easy to cheer for. I look forward to the sequel!"--David Estes, bestselling author of Fatemarked

"The stick-in-the-mud knight and mischievous rogue partnering together is nothing new to fantasy, but I cannot think of one where it is done with better flair."--Fantasy-Faction

"A great story that kept me entertained and reading until the end... Cannot wait to see what happens in book 2."--Christy, Amazon Top Contributor: Fantasy Books 

"Imaginative world-building... complex politics with a variety of nations and influences... I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys adventure fantasy."--By Rite of Word 


Sample text:

WHITNEY’S MOTHER once told him, “The only thing worse than stealing is stealing from a dying man.” Rumor was the King of Glass was, indeed, dying, though Queen Oleander would have you hanged if you were caught saying it aloud.

The masquerade was in mere hours, and Whitney had to be in the castle when it started. It was intended to celebrate King Liam’s birthday, though most figured it would be a final send off to the King who’d done more to shape the Glass since Remy the Revealer.

Alas, everyone knew The Glass Kingdom stood on the precipice of a new ruler, and even at mid-day the fog laid like a thick blanket over the streets of Yarrington and rain fell in heavy sheets as if the skies themselves were in mourning.

Good conditions for a thief... usually.

While Liam the Conqueror was bedridden, his guards were very much alive, an attribute they used to great effect in chasing Whitney through the quaint, winding streets. Old Yarrington sat on the ridge just outside of the castle walls, looking down upon the rest of the city. It was where the King’s stables lay, and the high nobles of the Glass Kingdom lived in extravagant mansions festooned with stained glass.

Whitney tore around a corner onto yet another unmarked pathway. Stabled horses roared, startled by the sound of clanking iron as the guards passed. If that wasn’t enough, thunder cracked, sending them into a frenzy.

Whitney thrived in chaos. This had been his passion since the day he’d left the farm—the thrill of being chased by guards armed to the eyeballs after snatching some rare treasure. But even as he dodged an especially deep puddle in the cobblestone path, he found himself going through the motions.

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