Web Development from Beginner to Paid Professional, Volume 1 by AB Publisher LLC

Build your portfolio as you learn Html5, CSS and Javascript step by step with support

Book for learning web development from scratch.

Web development from beginner to paid professional, volume 1

I know there are more than sufficient resources online to teach absolute beginners everything they need to learn web development from scratch. But this book is different because it addresses a few web development problems. The credibility of a web developer is much more than their credentials. It’s actually about the strength of their portfolio.

Employment opportunities often come from work samples and concrete skills, rather than a college degree. So, you need to learn well enough. This book will not only help you learn well and build a stunning portfolio, it will also provide you continuous help and support.

With this book and my dedicated 24/7 help and support team, there’s nothing for you to fear. I have helped many web developers update their development skills, launch successful careers and get hired for remote jobs. I notice that even the most ambitious beginners can run into problems, such as unable to decide where to begin. Sometimes they get completely lost on the way and therefore need further help.

The truth is everyone needs help at one point or the other to learn html5, CSS or Javascript correctly in their web development journey. I put sufficient coding challenges and their solutions in this book. You will get regularly updated cheat sheets, coding exercises, a stunning web developer portfolio to show off your work samples, practice projects, and graphics/screenshots used in this book. You will also get further help if you use the free support link at the bottom of this book. I will help you learn well.

Finally, if you buy this book, I will add you to my web development community so you can continue to learn and get more help until you become a well-paid professional.

Genre: COMPUTERS / Web / Web Programming

Secondary Genre: COMPUTERS / Web / Browsers

Language: English

Keywords: web development, web design, website design, html, css, javascript, html5, css3

Word Count: 24044

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This English version of this volume sold several copies in tthe first month it was published on Amazon, Scribd and Apple. It's a promising book if translated to other languages like French and Spannish.

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Table of Contents

How to Learn HTML5, CSS & Javascript Well

0. Getting Started with Free Coding Tools

1. Basic HTML5 & Useful Resources

1.1. Say Hello to HTML Elements

1.2. Headline with the H2 Element

1.3. Inform with the Paragraph Element

1.4. Fill in the Blank with Placeholder Text

1.5. Comment/Uncomment HTML

1.6. Comment out HTML

1.7. Deleting HTML Elements

1.8. Introduction to HTML5 Elements

1.9. Add Images to Your Website

1.10. Link to External Pages with Anchor Elements

1.11. Link to Internal Sections of a Page with Anchor Elements

1.12. Nest an Anchor Element within a Paragraph

1.13. Make Dead Links Using the Hash Symbol

1.14. Turn an Image into a Link

1.15. Create a Bulleted Unordered List

1.16. Create an Ordered List

1.17. Create a Text Field

1.18. Add Placeholder Text to a Text Field

1.19. Forms: Creating a Form Element

1.20. Add a Submit Button to a Form

1.21. Use HTML5 to Require a Field

1.22. Create a Set of Radio Buttons

1.23. Create a Set of Checkboxes

1.24. Drop-down Menu, Slider, Text Area,  Form Validation & File Upload Button

1.25. Nest Elements with Div & Span

1.26. Declare the Doctype of an HTML Document

1.27. Define the Head and Body of an HTML Document

1.28. Change the Color of Text

1.29. Introduction to the Chrome Inspector

1.30. HTML Tables

1.30.1. How to Make a Basic Table

1.30.2. How to Add a Table Heading

1.30.3. How to Add a Table Caption

1.30.4. How to Use the Scope Attribute

1.30.5. How to Use Cell Spanning

1.30.6. How to Add Table Header, Body and Footer

2. Basic CSS (Cascaded Style Sheet)

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Already translated. Translated by A. Louki
Already translated. Translated by Alexandro Tiago Marçal de Sousa
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Very high quality work. I will choose this translator again.

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