Wagering on Christmas by Sandra Sookoo

a Regency Christmas romance

Sometimes love needs a few wagers to stick the second time around.

Wagering on christmas

Pleasure is his only pursuit... Colin Rowley, Viscount Hartsford, has been given an offer too good to ignore: if he comes home to Lancaster Hall and his family by Christmas morning, he’ll win a coveted racehorse as well as an estate. Trouble is, recollections attached to his ducal father’s castle leave him haunted, especially those regarding the first girl he’s ever loved, the one who rejected him.


Faced with reduced circumstances... Widow Lucy Ashbrook is leaving London for the last time. Now that her husband’s savings have dried up, she can no longer afford her lifestyle, so after she attends the Christmas house party at Lancaster Hall—the site of so many delicious memories—she’ll return to her parents on the neighboring property. Too bad the man who first won her heart, and who accompanies her on the journey to Derbyshire, hasn’t changed his selfish ways.


The magic of the holiday season… When a series of mysterious events continually throw Colin and Lucy together, they can’t help but revisit the past, and rediscover the joy made during those long-ago winters. Happiness will elude them both unless they find the Yuletide wonder and give themselves over to a love that has waited... with the help of a few, secret Christmas wagers working behind the scenes.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Holiday

Language: English

Keywords: Christmas romance, second chance love, friends to lovers, redemption, humor, family, Regency

Word Count: 51,000

Sales info:

Currently, this book is on pre-order and doing well. Will release on 10-29-19

Sample text:

Slight relief trickled over her when he used her title. It was less personal. “I have my daughter with me. We will stay at the finest posting inns, and I shall pay for anything you need. And you are a widow besides, so there’s no danger to your reputation.”

So close but yet so far. Lucy shook her head. “I shouldn’t.” Depending on him for anything was a dangerous proposition. The last time they’d been together, she’d hurt him terribly, as he’d done her. There was nothing between them now except tainted memories.

“Where else would you go?” He glanced about. “You cannot stay alone. That is a miserable way to pass a holiday.”

But if I travel with you, I’ll be inundated by feelings.

At her continued hesitation, he lifted a brown eyebrow. “Let me do this, Lucy.” A tremble fell down her spine at hearing her name upon his lips. “For old times’ sake. It is simply me rendering assistance to an old… friend. Nothing more.”

What other recourse did she have? The journey would pass tolerably well with his daughter in tow, give her something to concentrate on. And it was only four days. Surely, she could grin and bear it for that long. Finally, she nodded. “Very well, and many thanks.”

“Excellent.” He led the way to a sleek black traveling coach that sat several paces back in traffic, a familiar golden crest of the Lancaster family painted upon one door.

Lucy trotted behind him, her stomach in knots and her chest tight.

Let me be strong enough to survive the trip.

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