Video Nasties by Duncan Ralston

16 horror tales in the tradition of Stephen King, Richard Matheson, Clive Barker, and The Twilight Zone!

Video nasties

16 horror tales in the tradition of Stephen King, Richard Matheson, Clive Barker, and The Twilight Zone!

Video Nasties - After discovering a box of old video tapes outside an abandoned warehouse, a young film enthusiast inadvertently releases horror director Nicolo Funelli and his "video nasties" from VHS imprisonment.
How to Kill a Celebrity - New hire Annie Watkins's pre-emptive obituaries at Live @ 5 New Orleans News seem to be killing off famous people.
Cuttings - A used delivery van causes Katie and Gavin's lives to take an unimaginable wrong turn into very dark territory.
Mental - A teen orphan with a unique ability is held captive in a secret government lab, forced to submit to their whims. 
He Is Risen - Vacationers become a grotesque part of the Easter festivities in a small English town.

These are just a handful of the 16 dark tales that await you in Video Nasties. Tune in, sit back, and turn up the terror. But don't touch that dial… it just might kill you.

Genre: FICTION / Horror

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Occult & Supernatural

Language: English

Keywords: occult, ghost, psychological horror, thrillers and suspense

Word Count: 97355

Sample text:

"Harlan? Store's closed, bruh. Come back tomorrow," he said, already closing the door.

"Dave, wait, just listen for a minute."

"Okay, what? I just smoked a bowl, I'm trying to chill…"

"Do you know Funelli? Nicolo Funelli?"

"Funelli?" the store owner blinked sleep from his eyes. "Sure, sure, of course, he put the 'fun' in B-horror. That's a terrible tagline, by the way. Doesn't even sound the same. It's Foonelli not Funelli, and two, Funelli's more like D-horror. Or F. Funelli puts the F in fail." He grinned proudly at the joke, scratching his sparse black goatee. "Did you wake me up just to ask me about Funelli?"

"No, Dave, I just really, really need your help. This is gonna sound crazy, but Funelli's trapped Vicky, my girlfriend. He's trapped her inside the TV or, or something… and I just need your help to get her out. Please. I'm desperate, man!"

Dave narrowed his eyes. "Are you doing a Vine?"

"This isn't a Vine, Dave," Harlan snapped. "This is real life."

"Dead directors don't drag girlfriends into the Phantom Zone, Harlan, not in IRL. You've been watching too much Funelli, and I am way too baked to talk movies with you right now, okay?"

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Already translated. Translated by Francesco Caligiuri
Already translated. Translated by Claudio Valerio Gaetani and Viviana Rafaella Gaetani Chinchilla

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