Vendetta by Tamara Hart Heiner

A secret computer file. An escaped convict. An illegal rendezvous.


Two years earlier Jaci was kidnapped and her best friend murdered.

Now she has the opportunity to set things right.

It's a chance Jaci can't pass up.

But is she ready to pay the costs?

Dive into this gripping conclusion of the well-loved Perilous saga!

Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Law & Crime

Secondary Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Thrillers & Suspense

Language: English

Keywords: thriller, teen love, adventure, crime fiction, mystery, teen vigilante

Word Count: 90000

Sales info:

This book finishes off the Perilous series. The series has consistent sales and the first three books have already been translated into several languages.

Sample text:

The day was unseasonably bright for early November in Idaho. Jaci looked up at the afternoon sun, glaring brilliantly down on the small group gathered in the grassy meadow. Birds tweeted in the trees, a note of cautious surprise in their song that winter had not yet come to stay.

It all felt wrong. Funerals were supposed to be dark and gloomy, with clouds bursting with rain and thunder rumbling overhead while mourners dressed in black gathered beneath umbrellas, water trickling from the edges.

That, at least, would match Jaci’s mood.

The pastor from Joey’s church droned on, praising Joey’s love for his family and the way he watched out for his younger brother. Jaci carefully avoided looking over at his family. She wasn’t sure if she could face them. The emotions broiling through her were too complex to fully analyze. Was the preacher going to mention how Joey betrayed her? How Joey’s downfall was his brother, always caught up in the next exciting big thing that would inevitably lead to illegal activities?

No, the preacher didn’t say any of those things.

He also didn’t mention how Joey died saving Jaci.

She dropped her eyes to the foliage at her feet, studying the brown and orange leaves that partially obscured what remained of the green grass. The preacher might not say anything, but she knew. And Joey’s family knew. Did they blame her?

An arm went around her shoulders, and Jaci lifted her head to see her mother pulling her closer. Mrs. Rivera’s eyes were red, her nose pink to match. She didn’t know everything that happened between Jaci and Joey; all she knew was that her daughter’s ex-boyfriend was dead. Any mother would mourn.

Next to her, Jaci’s little brother Cesar sobbed openly. He’d adored Joey. 

Book translation status:

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Already translated. Translated by Jose Farias
Author review:
Excellent translation, great to work with. Make sure you hire an editor or proofread it yourself to check for errors.

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