Vegan Intermittent Fasting by Katie Maria

Lose Weight, Gain Mental Clarity and Change Your Life

This is a short book that discusses intermittent fasting with a vegan diet lifestyle.

Vegan intermittent fasting

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Genre: HEALTH & FITNESS / Diets

Secondary Genre: COOKING / Vegetarian & Vegan

Language: English

Keywords: intermittent fasting health benefits, is intermittent fasting good for you, vegan intermittent fasting for beginners, intermittent fasting for vegan women, lose weight vegan

Word Count: 10500

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This is a brand new book. The topic of intermittent fasting is very popular though and I'm excited to bring this topic to other languages.

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In simple terms, intermittent fasting is an eating schedule in which you control the times you do and do not eat during a 24-hour period. Rather than labeling certain foods as good and others as dangerous, intermittent fasting redirects the focus from what you consume to when you consume it. This consumption period is known as your ‘eating window’, a set period of time in which you consolidate your total daily calories. The time period outside of this window is when you are fasting, in other words, you abstain from any and all calories. By placing the restriction solely on the time of day you eat rather than on the types of foods you put into your body, intermittent fasting complements a wide variety of lifestyles, including veganism.


While intermittent fasting has only recently become a hot topic in the media, fasting itself can be traced back to the hunter and gatherer societies thousands of years ago. In those earlier times, fasting was more so a way of survival rather than an intentional practice, but nevertheless, it existed. In the decades and centuries that followed, the human species evolved, and so did the practice of fasting. As the hunting and gathering lifestyle became a thing of the past, fasting moved forward with the times and continued to find its way into our more advanced society. Some newer examples of fasting include religious, spiritual, cultural, and scientific settings such as rituals, protests, and medical research. 

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